Luxury's Finest will launch in 2017 as an exclusive, members only, luxury online marketplace
for the high net worth and ultra high networth individuals around the world.

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This will be "THE" Marketplace for the world’s affluent consumers to buy and sell their luxury goods,
antiques, cars and boats, art, horses, aircraft, timepieces, one-of-a-kind items,
and nearly anything else, on a highly encrypted and secure, service-oriented web-based shopping site.

This is the digital age; we want to make it seamless.
             Welcome to the Royal Membership Club of Luxury’s Finest.

The First 100 members will receive their own unique, single-run bluetooth key, which will be used to gain access to our private membership club. This exclusive key will not be offered after launch of our service, so act now. The First 100 members will be given advanced access to exclusive previews, insider information and will also receive personal invitations to our up and coming events.

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